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What it’s Like to Start Your Career at HD

The Dalai Lama once said that sharing knowledge is a way to achieve immortality. Do we believe we’re literally immortal? No. But we do believe that the best way to grow is to help others grow. This line of thinking led us to the idea of creating an internship program in June of 2022, and it’s one of the best decisions we have ever made!

The program was meant for young people with no experience who want to work in digital marketing. It lasted three months and included lectures from department heads, work on actual projects, and feedback from the team. It all paid off in the end, with all our interns ‘graduating’ to junior positions as full-time team members!

Nina and Nikolina joined Nikola on the social media team (the names are a coincidence, we promise). They said they’re both grateful for the mentorship and creative freedom HD afforded them. Nina highlights how she learned a lot about the job but also about other fields of digital marketing, the business world, clients, and overall communication. Nikolina, our resident TikTok star, says she never really thought of that platform as her cup of tea but ended up falling in love with it through her work.

Marko, our Junior PPC Specialist, is our youngest team member but has earned the nickname Clever Marko from a client! He says that the experience of having his first ‘real’ job at HD was life-changing. Even though he knew he wanted to do this job for a long time, the corporate life and B2B are much different than what he expected – in a positive way.

internship program

The digital design team welcomed Tijana! She reports feeling empowered by the HD team, which allowed her to grow not only professionally but also in other aspects of life. She says working at HD helped her realize that every problem has a solution.

The program was a great success! Having new (younger) people around really brought a fresh perspective and some of the most creative ideas we have heard so far! We’re really proud of our Gen Z crew and love seeing them grow into their roles. There are going to be more internship openings coming soon, so stay tuned!


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