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How We Used Nostalgia to Find Highly Qualified Candidates for Hybrid IT Solutions

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Hybrid IT Solutions,  soon to be a part of the Valcon enterprise, is a reputable IT company known for its professionalism and quality. But other than that, they’re famous for the high levels of employee satisfaction that are maintained in their offices. They have over 150 experts with expertise in various fields, and they strive to continue growing.

Hybrid IT

With their rapid growth, Hybrid IT offices were now opening in other cities, and those desks couldn’t sit empty for long. Our main goal in this partnership was to increase their brand awareness for the purpose of reaching more medior and senior candidates to fill the roles at their company. It was decided that their social media presence had to take a different direction in order to increase their attraction. We needed something super interesting.

The Solution was Out of This World

The first step, as always, was to do some research – from employer attractiveness to brainstorming sessions with both marketing and IT specialists. We decided to contact the famous Serbian children’s book illustrator Bob Živković, whose work incites feelings of nostalgia in our target groups. We developed social media and campaign strategies, got a green light from HIT, and got to work.

So what did we do? In order to lay down the groundwork, we included several childhood photos from some of Hybrid IT’s experts, with short interviews asking them about their childhood and what they wanted to become when they grew up. This was a great way to play on the card of nostalgia, a feeling that Bob Živković would only enhance with his illustrations.

Hybrid IT

We decided to play into the client’s strong side, and the content team wrote parodies of well-known fairytales, highlighting the company’s various benefits. Živković made the illustration to go along with them, and the social media team made sure that the content we created carefully reached the target audience on LinkedIn and Instagram. 

Even though this project brought along some challenges regarding the copyright of Živković’s original work, everything was solved and ready by the time the campaign was set to go live.

The timeline included one month of research, two months of making illustrations and fairytales with Živković, and one and a half months to execute. The whole campaign received great feedback, making it Hybrid IT’s most successful and most shared marketing campaign. 

Hybrid IT Solutions

What Else is in Store?

As we mentioned briefly above, Hybrid IT is in the process of merging with the consulting company Valcon, and we’re staying partnered up with them for that as well. We’re both looking forward to the new challenges this step will bring!


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