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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
new office

We got a new office!

The Hybrid Digital team proudly presents… our new office space! Although we loved our old one and shared some fantastic memories in it, this change came as a refreshing one.

 When we got the news that a move was in store for us, at first, we’ll admit it – we were annoyed. We thought it was going to be a long and tedious process that was just going to take time away from our work and waste a few days away.

new office


But, in the end, it turned out to be fun! It felt exciting to see the new space, pick new desks, and bring our mugs into the new kitchen. It was just like any other task – all of us, together, up against a challenge. We learned that we can have fun with just about anything as long as we get to do it as a team.

 As we wave goodbye to the old and familiar office, we step into the new one just as we would into any other adventure. The space where we do our business is important, of course, but being surrounded by inspiring and uplifting people is what makes the workdays magical.


our new office
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