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The Secret of Memories – Story, Place, Emotion

Social Media Marketing is not about likes, comments, and shares – it’s about creating memories.

Now, you are probably asking yourself what this means. But, when you stop thinking about metrics such as likes and comments, you start thinking about how to engage people on social media to actually interact with followers on a human level.

Of course, there are steps you need to follow depending on the social media you use. But instead of meticulously planning five daily stories, three weekly Instagram posts, and two daily LinkedIn updates, start thinking about creating memories.

What is memory?

According to scientific research, memory is almost the same as imagination. It can be divided into implicit and explicit memory.

Implicit memory, also known as non-declarative memory, doesn’t require the conscious or explicit recollection of past events or information, and the individual is unaware that remembering has occurred.

Explicit memory is everything that we have learned, or remembered based on experience, and this is where the potential for companies and brands to create it is located.

For example, provide the best user experience and everyone will love you. This is common knowledge, right? But, again, you have examples of companies that don’t provide any experience and they are the world’s most famous and richest companies.

How is that possible?

Let’s use Coca-Cola as an example. From the beginning, they paid attention to sensor stimuli. From well-known ergonomic glass bottles to the sound that you can hear even if you just see someone removing the bottle cap. And no, they don’t use magic or spells, they focus on branding and use story, emotion, and place to create strong memories.


STORY, place, and emotion 

Not just on social media, but in general marketing activities it’s all about the story you tell. Talking about who you are, and how great you are, is not a story. But sharing ups and downs, admitting mistakes, and asking for an honest opinion is a story worth telling – as well as reading.

Story, PLACE, and emotion 

The strongest memories are those that call to mind a familiar place or a place that feels safe. Do you remember all those tiny details from grandma’s Christmas table? Or that store where you tried the most perfect cake, the park where you had your first kiss… You see the pattern, right?

Story, place, and EMOTION

Emotions are physical and chemical processes that take place in the body, and they happen all the time. Even if you are doing nothing, you have an emotional response to that. So, if you wish to attract someone’s attention, you need to trigger different emotions and you’ll get them to read, interact, and feel your story.

So, what to do?


Just create a memory with your followers, and they will start interacting.

To do that, you should try following these steps:

  • Give them a familiar place – if you are selling software, show it publicly. If you are selling furniture, give them the home they want. If you don’t have a safe place to offer, create it, and don’t just use stock photos!
  • Trigger emotion – using contrast is the best thing you can do. Color contrast, sound contrast, provocative copy, differing opinion, etc. Be honest, when you hear someone whisper, you pay attention to it.
  • Tell a story – not about how great you are, but about what you needed to do to succeed, to be where you are. Be honest, admit mistakes, support ideas that drive you and your team, or invent a story that is worth telling.

You know, Santa Claus is coming to town.


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