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Hybrid Digital’s full marketing team service is a highly effective and dynamic approach that brings all marketing activities under one roof. This approach allows us to leverage the collective expertise of our four departments. By fostering seamless communication and synergy among teams, we ensure that all aspects of marketing align harmoniously to produce the best possible result. This strategy not only maximizes efficiency but enhances creativity and innovation as well, allowing us to deliver comprehensive and impactful campaigns that drive success for our clients.

Choosing individual marketing services can lead to success, but the ultimate advantage lies in entrusting all marketing activities to a single, cohesive team. At our agency, we ensure comprehensive oversight of all marketing endeavors by integrating the efforts of our four specialized departments: Content, Social, Design and Marketing Operations. This synergy allows us to deliver unparalleled results, as we closely collaborate to optimize each facet of the marketing strategy.

Yes, our marketing team is at your disposal for all your specific needs, based on which we create a unique strategy.

Our individual marketing services include Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Paid Advertising, UI/UX, Digital Design, Branding and Employer Branding.

Most of our clients come from the industry of technology - IT, data, SaaS solutions, robotics, real estate, telemedicine.

While the operational part of the team is in Serbia, including the Chief Creative Officer, the managing director is located in the Netherlands, which means that there is always a liaison between our Dutch clients and the team in Serbia if needed.

At Hybrid Digital, we provide regular monthly and quarterly reports on the KPIs that we collaboratively establish with our clients. Our dedicated team consistently monitors and evaluates all analytics, ensuring they are filtered according to our client’s specific needs. We present these valuable insights to our clients as needed, enabling them to stay informed and make data-driven decisions to achieve their marketing goals.

The timeline for each campaign is customized based on the campaignćs objectives and expected deliverables. To kick-start the process, we conduct a QA session with our clients to understand their short and long-term goals thoroughly. Using this valuable information, we create a tailored proposal that outlines the marketing campaign’s timeline, aligned with the content deliverables and the time required for their preparation. This approach ensures that each campaign is strategically planned and executed to achieve the best possible results.

Our pricing is calculated on an hourly basis. While the entire monthly commitment for the marketing team comes with predetermined monthly hours, charges for individual services are based on the actual workload.

We highly recommend minimizing changes or revisions to the campaign strategy once it’s underway to maintain its effectiveness. To ensure everything aligns perfectly, we conduct multiple review sessions before the campaign launch. However, we understand that circumstances may necessitate adjustments during the campaign. In such cases, we carefully approach the changes, thoroughly evaluating what can be modified and how it can be seamlessly integrated to maintain the campaign’s overall success.

For our full-service marketing service, the onboarding process for new clients commences with a kick-off meeting. During this session, we work closely with the client to establish clear goals and KPIs tailored to their unique requirements. Additionally, we allocate the appropriate hours for the onboarding package to ensure all necessary setup is completed efficiently. We create a well-defined strategy, which undergoes a thorough review and approval process. To maintain open communication and transparency, we conduct bi-weekly sprints, providing regular updates to the client, ensuring they are always well-informed about the progress of their marketing initiatives.