Pixelated and Proud: The New Chapter of Hybrid Digital

POV: It’s September and you wake up to the news that Twitter has become X. A total shocker.

The rebranding of this iconic social media giant made the internet quite an interesting place to be for a couple of days, sparking questions and debates. Everyone wanted to know why the sudden shift. It’s not just about the reasons for the rebrand or its potential to shake up things; it’s about the sheer boldness of the move. While opinions are split on whether this was a necessary evolution, we can all agree on one thing: it’s a ballsy play that’s got everyone talking, which is pretty much what any marketing squad dreams of.

But this example might be too obvious. Look at other brands like Pepsi, Fanta, and Nokia – they’ve won the rebranding game without flipping their name tags. It’s about knowing when your brand needs a full-on transformation or just a cool refresh.

While rebranding involves changing all the core components of a brand (visuals + identity and strategy), brand refreshing is a less intense process. In this case, the most important things that are being changed are the visual representation of the brand and some strategic points that can be tweaked and altered.

Fast forward to 2024, dubbed as the year for brand makeovers. LinkedIn is all over this, saying a rebrand this year will allow companies to reflect their commitment to innovation and technology, ensuring that their visual and messaging elements are aligned with the digital era. And after the pretty challenging last year, it’s no surprise that companies want to turn a new leaf.

We jumped on the refresh train, too, and guess what? Our new look is ready to roll out. We kept our game plan mostly the same, prices steady, and our mission and vision are as rock solid as ever. But after working with B2B companies in the Netherlands for over two years, we’ve learned a ton. We figured out what needed a revamp in how we do business and what was cool to keep. And with these fresh insights, we thought, why not spruce up our visuals and motivate ourselves to be even better in 2024?

So, what’s the deal with our new look? Let’s break it down and see why we chose this pixelated cutie that you see.

In Our Pixel Perfect Era

We’re all huddled up in our meeting room, sipping coffee, girls rocking messy buns, brainstorming about how to amp up our signature Hybrid Digital blue-magenta bow.

“Pixels,” we thought, and the decision was unanimous. Pixels are like the heart and soul of digital – a bit old-school, yet super versatile for some edgy marketing down the road. We went all in, turning our bow into a pixel party. Those merging triangles? They’re all about our style – a mishmash of wild ideas and spot-on deliverables.

We wanted to tone down the color splash a bit. Our old vibe was all about two colors blending into our Hybrid Digital bow. The challenge this time? Crafting that bow with just one color. What we landed on was a pixelated icon, lighter on the right, in order to nail the distinction that used to come from color play. It’s sleek, it’s modern, and we really like it.

But it’s not just about fewer colors. Our modern twist shines through in everything – from the streamlined icon to the fresh typography.

So, What’s in It for Us?

When we turned two last year, we set ourselves a new goal: make Year #3 a standout chapter in our story. Two years ago, we were the new kids on the block, getting the hang of tuning into our clients’ vibes while juggling the dynamics of our team like a pro.

Now, two and a half years later, we can say we are the same cool company but a bit more street-smart. This team learned from its slip-ups, learned how to navigate the intricate world of B2B relationships, played with different approaches, experimented with new strategies and even learned how to take risks. While some were absolute game-changers, others were “aha!” moments. But each step, each leap, each stumble has made us sharper and savvier. 

And then it hit us – with all these new cool new insights and a refined approach, why should our visual identity stay the same? Our brand was waiting for a glow-up, which is why we rolled our sleeves and added some pizzazz to our visuals.

So, here we are, about to unveil a look that’s not just a logo or a color scheme but a story – our story. It’s a blend of where we’ve been, what we’ve learned, and where we’re headed. It’s about bringing this renewed energy to the forefront, making Hybrid Digital not just seen, but felt.