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a lecture on neuromarketing

Our colleague Nikola gave a lecture on neuromarketing to the students

Did you know that, according to neuromarketing, all human feelings, thoughts, actions, and even consciousness itself, are just the products of neural activity in the brain?

For marketers, this knowledge has enormous potential as it can help them understand how consumers’ brains respond to advertisements and guide their marketing efforts. And who’d know that better than Nikola Učur, our marketing and brand strategist who is doing a Ph.D. in the field of neuromarketing?
Last week, Nikola gave a lecture on this topic to Industrial Engineering and Management students from the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad and the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade.  Take a look at what the lecture looked like!


a lecture on neuromarketing


​Industrial engineering students visited Hybrid Digital, where they had the opportunity to hear from the experts about why neuromarketing is often referred to as the hidden science of marketing. Nikola spoke about the stimuli in neuromarketing and explained how applying this discovery can improve sales and marketing results. This was followed by practical examples and analysis of well-known campaigns from Coca-Cola and Ikea.

Students also heard about the best marketing practices we use at Hybrid Digital, the different roles in a marketing team, and our company culture. In this way, we introduced ourselves to our future colleagues and gave them an accurate picture of working in a marketing firm.




As a guest at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, Nikola introduced students to the concept of creative thinking in a workshop titled Think outside the box, but within the room. Since creativity is an important skill in the workplace, especially if you’re in marketing, this kind of thinking can help you come up with innovative solutions to problems and take on new perspectives when working on tasks. And the good thing is that you can improve it by learning and applying creativity techniques and exercises. This is exactly why our colleague decided to present this topic to the students.

In this workshop, students learned about functional and structural blocks and the techniques they can use to remove them in an interesting way. Nikola demonstrated four creativity techniques that can help reframe problems and find creative solutions to solve them.

We’re glad to have a real expert who is willing to share his knowledge on this topic here at Hybrid Digital. If you want to learn more about neuroscience and how to use it in creating marketing materials and brand-related messages, you know who to contact. ☝️

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