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How We Helped Mission Control
Powered by Pando Start their Mission!

Mission Control Powered by Pando
Departments involved:




Working with B2B companies is a double-edged sword: you either get to research and explore a completely new industry or dig a bit deeper into an industry that you’re already familiar with. Although both options are interesting in their own ways, the first case might be a bit more challenging for all digital marketing agencies as we always like new things. This is why Mission Control by Pando came as a real refreshment for Hybrid Digital  – it’s a completely unique take on the gaming industry.


Mission Control powered by Pando is an international company located in the US, UK, and several other European locations. They’re in the business of game key distribution, so their teams consist of professionals from various industries (gaming, media, distribution, software, retail…). 

With years of senior-level experience backing each of them, they know exactly which challenges their customers face and how to solve them.


When Mission Control powered by Pando approached us, we got the opportunity to build them a website from the very beginning. The biggest challenge was the research phase, as it had to be more detailed than expected due to the nature of the industry. One segment was deciding on a business strategy, which is understandably one of the most important aspects of starting a company. Their business strategy was crucial for the design and the content of the website, so the Hybrid Digital team offered several different solutions regarding the content, and the client representative made the final decision.

The end goal was to have a functional website and brand image in time for a conference – GamesCon, where they would present their project. Because of that, the very first step had to be finding the best messaging, which also proved to be rather challenging, since the target audience is very niche.

Pando game industry


During the month-long project, Hybrid Digital delegated tasks to the Operations, Design, Content, and Web Development departments. All communication was conducted between HD’s Team and Design Leaders and Pando’s Project Manager.

 As per our usual procedure, the very start of the project went like this:

  1. An introductory meeting – this is where we discussed Pando’s goals,
  2. Exchange of information – a meeting where we made sure all go the information we have is aligned,
  3. Deciding on the first steps – we both thought it best to start from branding and website development,
  4. Creating a timeline, mockups, and a customer journey map (but the Pando team decided on a cleaner look for their site and opted for a one-pager instead).

When it comes to the logo, the idea was to make it modern, sleek, and scalable. It was the client’s wish to make it a typographic one, so we created custom typography based on the Technovier font. On the letters P and D, small squares representing pixels were added, creating an association with the gaming world. The colors used were orange and dark grey.


In the end, all Pando’s goals were met – they got a great-looking and functional website and a cool logo just in time for GamesCon. Like we already mentioned, this was just the first phase of Pando and HD’s collaboration, so the future looks bright. Great things are in store with plans to enrich the website and the platform, as well as to create their social media presence. The next steps will include digital marketing and lead generation.

 We thought this project was super interesting since we got to work with an industry that’s not all that common in B2B. This might be the main reason why we had so much fun – and we can’t wait to show what else we have in store for Pando. 

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