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Hybrid IT’s brand
awareness campaign

Departments involved:
Social media

Our main goal was to bring brand awareness to the client, Hybrid IT, and we did so by promoting their offer of free code reviews through a campaign that combined software development problems and mistakes with that of famous artists.

We devised a strategy that included LinkedIn and blog posts pertaining to famous mistakes from the world of art and architecture, drawing attention to how they could all have been prevented, had they only been previously tested or received a second opinion from an expert.
A client of ours, an IT outsourcing company called Hybrid IT, asked for our help in bringing their brand awareness up. For this mission, we needed to be creative, and find a way to combine something everyone enjoys with the niche world of IT solutions. After some brainstorming, the idea came to us – why not mix up the classical with the modern? We decided on spreading LinkedIn articles, blog posts, and enticing visuals across a six-week period (at a one-post-per-week pace).
The general structure of these texts was a segment detailing a famous piece of art and a mistake that either made it famous or had detrimental effects on the buyer later on. There was also a headline under which we paralleled that situation to a similar one that may arise in software development. The posts ended with a CTA whose function was to warn programmers not to make the same mistakes that the artists made, but to book a free code test with Hybrid IT.

In our articles, we covered the topics of The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Sydney Opera House, Fallingwater, E. A. Poe’s statue in Baltimore, and Van Gogh’s ‘The Potato Eaters’. The visuals that were shared on social media platforms consisted of well-known paintings (such as da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or Munch’s The Scream) accompanied by a witty copy connecting developers’ issues to the art before them. These posts also came with a CTA that led to Hybrid IT’s contact page.
The campaign was overall well-received by the target audience, as it garnered positive reactions and fulfilled its purpose. Presumably, it was due to the fact that we found a way to incorporate engaging copy and eye-catching visuals with genuinely interesting stories that lead the reader to a useful service.
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