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Hybrid Digital’s first team-building

Hybrid Digital’s first team-building

Your colleagues are the people with whom you will spend a third of your day, but how much of that is spent talking about work? 


That is why, on a hot Saturday morning, the Hybrid Digital team slapped on some sunscreen and left the city to spend a lovely day in nature. Our destination was lake Bruje, which is located on the Fruška Gora mountain – just an hour’s drive from the office. Situated by Erdevik, a quaint village in Vojvodina, the renttable property by Bruje seemed like the perfect spot for our very first team-building day.

Hybrid Digital’s first team-building

Besides lying in the sun and taking a dip in the lake, the estate offered various activities. For example, our Marko tried his hand at archery, while some of the girls played a game of volleyball, and others had a shot at SUP (or standup paddleboarding). Even though we loved the laughs shared while struggling with trying new sports, the most important moments were the ones we had just sitting and chatting in the shade.

 This day gave us a chance to actually get to know each other (especially since the team grew recently!) as friends, rather than coworkers. We sang, joked around, and created bonds that are definitely here to stay.

 Come Monday morning, the atmosphere was still there. Instead of the usual dreariness and caffeine crises, we talked about the weekend we spent together, at the same time reminiscing and making plans to do it all again ASAP. After such a wonderful day, work seemed easier and considerably more fun, and everyone was more productive and eager after a relaxing and exciting Saturday. We can’t wait for our next team building!

Hybrid Digital’s first team-building
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