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How We Got NextPilots Ready for Takeoff

Departments involved:

Social Media
Web Development


Hybrid Digital has been a partner to NextPilots since the very start of their journey. What brought us to each other was that we’re both young, innovative, and highly creative in what we do, and our fields aren’t that different either.


NextPilots is a Dutch company that offers services in the fields of sales funnel creation, lead generation/nurturing, and outreach. Their teams consist of experienced and ambitious Pilots whose goal is to help businesses grow by getting them as many clients as they can!

Welcome Onboard, Please Fasten Your Seatbelts

When the Pilots approached us, they were just starting out. We were tasked with:

  • creating their brand identity,
  • building a functional website,
  • helping them step out into the market.

After that, the goal was to help them become visible to the right audience.

They needed a digital marketing agency that could understand their vision and soon found that we were the perfect match! The first steps were to work on raising their brand awareness and to find a way to communicate their services in the most effective way.

We’re Ready for Takeoff

The imperative was to allow NP to start their business with the right identity. We wanted to capture their modern spirit and turn it into a brand, so we got our Digital Design experts to take on this challenge.

The website was designed using red and dark blue since the first is associated with motivation and action and the second with freedom, imagination, and openness. The layout is simple and straightforward, with large images used to tell a story. The website is mobile-friendly since creating website layouts like these leverages the principle of responsive web design, which allows website elements such as images, text, and user interfaces (UIs) to automatically rescale and resize depending on the device used to access the site.

The logo uses the same colors and is based on the concept of growth and moving forwards. That is why it has arrows as the main elements, while the negative space is shaped like a funnel to represent NP’s services.

We tested and tried out different approaches until we found the best one to reach their target audience. We also ensured their website had great SEO statistics by utilizing our content teams’ talents to create articles.  They also took part in lead gen through several white papers and other lead magnets. The social media team had their hands full as well, running the Pilots’ LinkedIn and Instagram accounts.


On Your Left, You Can See a Historical Landmark

The best example of putting everything we worked on and brainstormed about was one of our favorite campaigns we did! It was focused on everything retro – the visuals had a vintage feel to them, while the social media copy talked about outdated forms of outreach. The campaign was accompanied by a blog post about the revolutions in sales and outreach methods, ending with a note about how the industry learned a lot by going through these changes and got all the best practices from it.

Thank you for Flying with Us!

The fact that NextPilots encourages us to take on a more creative approach and has a very fun style is what makes our partnership so special. We’re looking forward to experimenting with even more exciting methods and campaigns!

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