FREE Marketing Strategy

Get insights on your customer journey, channel strategy, communication, tool stack, website and more! Completely FREE

FREE Marketing Strategy

Get insights on your customer journey, channel strategy, communication, tool stack, website, and more! Completely FREE. No Strings attached.

What do you get in the free marketing strategy

We cover all bases, focusing on analysis and the current state of things while also providing advice on potential improvements in all aspects of your digital strategy:

Competition and Target Audience

Social Media

Content and SEO

Channels and Advertising

Website Structure

Conversion Paths

Automation and Email

UX/UI Design

Analytics and Tool Stack

Why is this a great deal?

You might have been going in circles with your marketing activities for some time now without getting any real results. Or your once effective strategy might not be so effective anymore. Either way, this is a good way to get an overview of your marketing and new ideas. After all, it is free. 

Why are we doing it for free? Because it is a good way to showcase our expertise. We are driven by quality and results, not quantity.

How does this work

1. Schedule a Discovery Call

Schedule a call with our Marketing Strategist through calendly.

2. Talk about what your goals are

At the call, you will talk about the main aspects of your business so we can get a better sense of your vision.

3. Expect your FREE
Strategy soon

After the call we will get to work, and send you your strategy in 7-10 days.

4. We go from there - maybe even work together

There are no strings attached to this. You are not obligated to work with us, and the information we provide is not confidential. You can share it, use it yourself, or even throw it away. Or we can discuss a possibility of collaboration after we send you the document. 

Frequently Asked Questions about our Free Digital Marketing Strategy

Like we mentioned before, this is a great way for us to show our expertise, and knowledge. If you like what you see, maybe even work together to grow your business. It all depends on how well we do the job right?

None. After you get your free Digital Marketing Strategy, you can implement everything yourself, use another agency, or your internal marketing team. Or we can do it. No strings attached. 

Nope. We are doing it all internally ourselves, by implementing all our experience, knowledge and resources. 

We could do it fully automated, you fill out a form and we get all the info from that, but we believe this way we can filter out those who really are dedicated to growing their business and work with them.

No, we require some basic information and your goal and vision. 

Get your FREE Digital Marketing Strategy

Get your FREE Digital Marketing Strategy

Get FREE Marketing Strategy

Schedule a discovery call with our strategist so we can get a grasp of your business vision. After that, you can expect your FREE strategy in 7 business days.