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Empple Employer Branding Festival

What we learned at the Empple Employer Branding Festival

Over the course of their careers at HD, we strive to make sure our interns are expanding their knowledge and growing as professionals. That’s why we felt super proud of them when they came to our HR reps asking for a few days off to go to an employer branding festival! To be honest, we didn’t know they were planning this trip, so seeing them look for learning opportunities without the management’s incentive made us realize we hired the right young people.

The festival in question was Empple, a two-day event held in Belgrade, consisting of lectures from industry experts and a student case study solving competition (not to brag, but our girls made it to the finals without any help from the seniors). Other than the two main attractions, there were a lot of opportunities to network during the coffee breaks, lunches, and the closing cocktail party event.

How it all actually went, and what a cool event it was, we think it’s best you hear directly from the attendees:



Tijana, Graphic Designer:

Even though employer branding isn’t exactly my forte, the conference gave me the opportunity to learn something new, show my acquired knowledge and use it in a real problem. Through the lectures, the speakers brought the world of employer branding closer to us, and I look forward to new opportunities in which I will be able to apply the acquired knowledge.

Nina, Social Media Manager:

Attending the Emple festival gave me a unique opportunity to see new perspectives, ways of thinking, and challenges of employees in well-known global and local companies. It was interesting to see how professionals from different fields approach solving the same challenge. I am happy that our market is developing, evolving and growing. One of the influences is certainly Empple, which brings the community together and facilitates the whole process.

Aleksandra, Content Writer:

I loved that the event was organized into a global and a local day, so we got the opportunity to hear from experts from all over the world. I had fun working on the case study and presenting it, and I got to learn a lot too, so it was a perfect blend of working and enjoying ourselves. Other than the inspiring lectures and networking sessions, I think that spending a few days constantly hanging out with Nina and Tijana really brought us together both as colleagues and as friends. I’m sure we’re going to translate that energy into our everyday work!

Empple Employer Branding Festival


Seeing how our inters are going on to do great things, we believe it’s always good to keep bringing new ones in. So if stuff like this conference seems like the type of work inspiration that’ll help you thrive, apply for our internship program, and start your marketing journey with us!


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