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Daan Olieroock: Why I Like Working with an Outsourced Marketing Team

More and more companies are interested in improving their online performance by working with an outsourced marketing team.

However, most of them still have concerns about how this process really works or what they can expect from this collaboration.

That’s why we decided to go through all of the pain points that someone may have in regard to outsourcing a marketing team and give you some information that you may not have even heard. By the end of this blog post, you’ll have an overview of what you need to know before you outsource your marketing team. And who’d know better than a person in charge of such a company? Daan Olieroock, commercial director at Hybrid Digital!


How would you describe your role at Hybrid Digital?

Coming from a design agency background, it’s hard not to meddle with the overall designs and output. However, one of the main responsibilities of a commercial director of a company is to have trust in the team that is in charge of the projects. So my role is more of a technical one. I make sure that all the clients are satisfied with the final output while also making sure my outsourced team is happy and stress-free. Working for a remote team is another challenge, but one I like, actually. My team is located in another country, so I need to make sure I manage everything properly from afar.

What would you say is the biggest perk of outsourced marketing?

Well… there are many benefits of outsourced marketing, and I think it’s important for people to know why they should choose such a team. The main benefit is the fact that you can choose a team for your company and hire them for a particular number of days. This works the same way as having your own marketing department would. Another benefit that I would mention is the professionalism and the skills – nowadays, it’s very difficult to find a good team that knows how to do things and make stuff happen. Hybrid Digital came to the idea of finding talent abroad. The fact that you can hire the team for three days, for example, will also cut costs for the company. This is yet another benefit – perhaps a crucial one for our customers.

Based on your experience, what are clients usually most worried about? How can companies best overcome those challenges?

Funny enough: communication. I say funny because, by definition, communication is a two-way street. It’s always wise to take some time to build a relationship and really listen to each other. I think that this advice also applies to in-house teams. Although, for some clients, it can be a little bit harder to express themselves in English when working with nearshore teams. Especially when it comes to explaining their business concepts, that’s where I can come in really handy. Not only for translation but also for helping them focus.

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As someone who’s worked both with in-house and outsourcing teams, what would you say are the biggest perks of each?

Both have their benefits and drawbacks. It is always nice to be able to sit down with someone and brainstorm for hours or have an extended briefing, or just ask a simple question. However, nowadays, everyone is familiar with online meetings and it seems to me that meeting online makes it a little bit more ‘functional’. People should not worry about having their teams remote. The team works as a whole no matter where they are located, and everything can be achieved promptly.

What does the process of getting started with a partner marketing company look like for the client?

It really depends on the briefing. But we like it when we become one of the clients’ teams. We’re just as integrated as we would be if we were in-house but on a different floor, for example. This usually is the case when we do a fully integrated social media content campaign. We do research and ask questions so we can communicate as if we have been working for our client for years, using the right words, tone of voice, and channels to reach those who would need to be reached.

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What does communication with the clients typically look like?

Firstly we have a quick phone or video call to schedule a meeting. I then like to meet in person and talk about the client’s wants and needs over a cup of coffee. From there, I let the team take over. The delivery manager has bi-weekly sprints with the client, and I’m included from behind the curtain.


Working with an outsourced team has numerous benefits, and it’s definitely a trend that will only grow stronger in the future. If your business is in need of a full-scale multi-disciplinary marketing team, this might be the perfect solution for you. You will have your own marketing team for a couple of hours a week, which in the end, can also cut down your costs significantly. If you want to know more about it, contact Daan, and he will give you his own two cents on the topic!

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